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To cultivate a tribe of millennials who want more out of life and make it happen.


To be recognized as an insightful and resourceful solution to every day trials and challenges one may face.

Core Values:

Love. Liberation. Integrity. Honesty. Faith.

Our Story

  • Feeling lost in life?
  • Need some clarity or direction?
  • Simply not happy?
  • Maybe you just need some inspiration.

Join the Simply Happy Society (TSHSociety) where we believe that the best life is the one you create in your mind ahead of time. 

Meet the TSHS Team

One can chase a thousand, two can chase ten thousand.

These are some of the millennials behind the TSHS brand. We strive to bring meaningful content to the market.
Why? You need humans helping you.

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marsha j of tshsociety
Kat, Research
David, Visual Media