Are you tired of working, but not building wealth? Schools taught us how to make money, but not how to keep any of it for ourselves. All is not lost. Now is the chance to do the work to win!

Are you ready to build holistic wealth?

Let's level up your whole life!

Getting to your next level doesn't have to be hard.
Start by taking action today.

TSH Wealth Building Blueprint

Mindset Mastery

Out of the abundance of the heart and mind is where life flows. Want to live a wealthier life? Start with positive thoughts.

Better Body

Health is wealth. What are you pouring into your body?

Building Bank

Saving alone is not the solution. Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Start having money working for you instead of you just working for money.

Assess then Address.

No solution works for everyone. We start by assessing your current situation, then addressing areas of concern. Let's build the right way.

Client Reviews

I had my strategy session TSH gave me tips that boosted by credit score and brought me financial peace.
G. Mercius
If you need anything regarding starting a business or getting life back you are in the right place!
M. Tanelus
Five stars!

I have taken part in a few TSH events and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
G. Docilat

Hey sis. Imagine if you had a simple wealth building plan that helped you appreciate your past and design your next level life.  What would that be worth? 

Hi, I’m Joyce Poliard, founder of TSH Society. Holistic Wealth Building is for the woman who is faithful, yet frustrated. Filling up space with unnecessary stuff. Finding task like getting out of bed difficult to do. Let’s create a holistic wealth plan for you. There’s no better time to build a better, happier life. Firm foundation. Focused. Moving forward. Visit our start here page and let’s grow!