Are you building holistic wealth?

  • Feeling faithful, yet frustrated? 
  • Filling up your space with unnecessary stuff? 
  • Finding simple task like getting out of bed difficult? 

There’s a better way. It’s time to build on a firm foundation. Holistic wealth flows from mind, body, and bank account. It’s being strategic, consistent, and having a game  plan.

Imagine you had a simple wealth building plan that helped you appreciate your past and design your next level life.  What would that be worth? 

build holistic wealth in your mind TSH Society

let's build wealth that flows from mind, body and bank account.


Welcome to The Simply Happy Society, where women build holistic wealth. We help you do the work without the burden of overwhelm or frustration. 

 As a result, you SHOW UP as the wealthy woman God created you to be. Stop overthinking this! 

  • Let’s define what success looks like 
  • Remove mental and emotional blocks
  • Create a game plan for building wealth

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Hey sis!

Hi, I am Joyce Poliard, founder of The Simply Happy Society. It’s time for you to have holistic wealth. Visit our start here page to learn more.