3 Reason You Shouldn’t Tell Your Family or Friends Your Issues: Talk to a Coach or Consultant Instead

So there you have it. Live long enough and issues will happen with the people in your life. Maybe it’s that co-worker who acts like the manager (insert eye roll) or the guy (or girl) you are dating that just won’t get it together. This post is all about why you shouldn’t tell your family and friends your issues and use a consultant or coach instead.

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Momma Doesn’t Know Best

Years ago after watching enough HGTV episodes of Fixer Upper, I just knew I was going to rehab houses. So I found an ugly house on a decent street and decided to make it pretty. I picked up my mom from her house and brought her to the site. At first she was speechless.

“You know what, I don’t think it’s a good idea.” She started saying all the reasons I should save my money. Although I respected how she felt, she wasn’t an investor nor what she a rehabber. I went ahead and purchased the house, fixed it up, rented it out, and later moved in. About two years later the real estate market crashed and I lost it. But the best thing about it, I took a chance. It takes courage to step out and try something new. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Three reasons to not solely take advice from you inner circle.

The people who care about us can often be the most critical, judgmental, and opinionated ones. Recently I rented a car because I had an itch for a new one. My friends thought it was a total waste of money. I knew I didn’t need a new car, but I wanted one. So the next best thing to me was to rent one for the weekend, then give the loaner back. No one could change my mind or make me feel dumb for my decision.

How easy it is for us to judge people and look on the outside when our own homes are not perfect. People will say- “How could you do that? That’s not right. You might fail.”

Often times when people know where you have been they want to remind you of your past. (Like you don’t already know). They don’t see the vision so they decide you shouldn’t step forward. 

Funny thing is – when we really want their honest opinions it may be sugar coated from some because they don’t want to hurt our feelings. 

It is no one’s responsibility but yours to accomplish your goals.

This is Why You Need To Have Coaches, Consultants, and Therapists on Your Team.

Let’s call them the dream team. The ones who help you get ahead in life. The ones you are paying to keep you accountable, more aware and aligned with who you want to be in life. That is why I chose coaching. It’s a great feeling to possess the ability to awaken something inside of others that has been lying dormant for some time.

Not All People Are Created Equally

I won’t sit here and say that all of my friends and family give back advice. I do have a great circle. But I also use consultants and coaches. Ask yourself these questions about the people you choose to receive insight and advice from.

  • Is this person where I want to be?
  • Do they have the experience or training?
  • Are they being non-judgmental?

So I will end this post by asking- what would you do if you were not afraid of failing? Who is holding you back from your desires and dreams?

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Thanks for reading. ~ Ms Joy

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