3 Tips for Creating Powerful Affirmations

There is power in affirmations for purpose- driven millennial. If you want to get any where in life you should be speaking kind and encouraging words to yourself daily. Read on to discover three tips for creating powerful affirmations.

These last few weeks have been amazing. I recently joined Clubhouse to see what all the hype was about. So far, the platform definitely has not disappointed.

First of all, there are rooms about various topics such as, real estate investing, relationships, religion and so much more. However, my favorite rooms are the morning affirmation rooms. Whether sharing your affirmation for the day, a recent win, sharing a goal, or a current struggle it has been a great way to start the week days. There is definitely strength in unity and surrounding yourself with others who want to elevate in life. Perhaps you never been taught about affirmations. Maybe you think talking to yourself doesn’t work. 

Some Have Affirmations All Wrong

However there are some people who are doing it all wrong. The words spoken put them down instead of lifting them up. There is a lack of confidence and enthusiasm when speaking about personal possibilities.

This is why I have created this blog post. Sometimes I hear someone speak in a clubhouse room and I want to reach through the speaker, give them a hug, and show them the power of words. Here are some tips on using positive words to shape your reality. 

Things To Consider about Affirming Words

I am… in the Bible when God uses the word “I am,” he was declaring things and it was that much more powerful.

Saying affirmations can definitely change how you show up in the world. Take some time and think about who you want to become. Then believe, that is who you are. 

Perhaps you can think of affirmations like eating. If you want to get ahead in life or sustain you need to refill to stay nourished.

Where Can You Find Affirmations?

YouTube Affirmation videos

Think of your self.

  • Physically where would you like to be?
  • Financial – think about your money goals.
  • Spiritual- where do you need a lift? 

Three Tips For Creating Affirmations

  1. Powerful

Affirmations should be powerful.

2. Present Tense

3. Personal

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Be happy, healthy and free!