3 Ways to Liberate Your Life

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I’m often asked how I bounced back from the disappointments in my life. From a devastating divorce, facing foreclosures, and losing friendships I felt like God was punishing me. While some things were my fault, often life just happens.

Disappointments Do Happen

Let’s face it we all have been let down in one way or another. As a child, we were told no many times by our parents. In school, we realized that things don’t always go as planned. 

Now as adults we realize it’s harder to shake rejection, disappointments and regrets. While some people get back up quickly, others let life’s setbacks keep them down. 

Build Up The Liberated Muscle

To make it out strong you have to build resilience. That means creating a lifestyle that will help you along the journey. When I wrote the book, The Liberated Lifestyle, I was filled with so many emotions. Would you believe one day I felt so stupid that I almost deleted the whole file?

Personal Freedom Is Powerful

Personal freedom is definitely a journey.

Here are 3 Ways To Liberate Your Life. Surefire ways to keep you grounded to withstand the storms of life. 

  1. Success is found in systems. How is your daily routine? There should be a flow for your day. Otherwise, you will binge-watch Netflix all day or scroll aimlessly through social media. 
  2. Mantras keep you moving. What are the saying to yourself daily? Those will the statements that help you when life shows up. I created the Power Notes journal to keep all those power affirmations, scriptures, and quotes in one place. Some of the phrases that I am using now: Bloom where you are planted. God makes no mistakes. Focus on the good so the good gets better. 
  3. I often find people that are the most stressed-out attempt to keep everything in their mind. I journal about everything. Prayers, people, my emotions, and so much more. Journalism is so great when it comes to reflection. When I look back at notes that I wrote- I realize that a lot of things we worry about are not that serious. 

So there you have it. Some quick tips from your Liberation Life Coach- Ms.Joy Poli.  Thanks for reading and remember it’s liberation time- let’s go.

P.S. If you like this post you will love the Liberated Lifestyle book. 

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