7 Ways to Live an Intentional Life

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There are times when we feel stuck in life. Other times you may feel like giving up. When you decide to stop trying is when you should actually go harder. Choose to be aligned and intentional instead of being busy. In this post we will review seven ways to live an intentional life. Success requires structure and a solid routine.

Every time I was at a crossroad I had to make a decision to pause and reset. Determining if I was in alignment and being intentional helps to get me back on the path to progress.

In addition, gratitude goes a long way when you are going after growth and goals. 

When you are grateful for what you have the energy is transferable. It releases positivity into the atmosphere. Therefore you are able to vibrate higher. 

Being Intentional is an Inside Job.

Although you may get inspiration from others, figure out what you want and what you need in the moment. Focus on what you do well and you are half way there. For example, are you a visual or auditory learner? Do you prefermusic or meditation?

5 Tips to Living An Intentional Life

Create a routine that allows you to be intentional and remain aligned. 

Say a prayer:   What are you grateful for? What are you holding on to that needs to be released? What expectations do you have for the day?

Read a Bible scripture or passage. Invest in a daily devotional or check out the Bibleapp.com 

Repeat affirmations in the morning to reframe your mindset. Here are two powerful ones. I have an attitude of gratitude. Focusing on progress not perfection.

Wake up each day with a flow. Consume content to feed your mind and your spirit. Check out YouTube, SoundCloud and Apple Podcast for inspiration. Unless you have Youtube Red your phone screen will have to stay on. You can hear some great messages and audiobooks on SoundCloud. Apple Podcast has an array of content. Instead of subscribing to an endless amount of podcast, try searching for a specific topic and listen to a few episodes. (Speed up the track if the person is speaking too slow).

Set your intention for the day. Write down three things you are hoping to get done. 

Listen to a positive message or song.  I listen to this song daily. https://youtu.be/yE0W-kQyz6A

Smile. Be determined to have a good day. 

Reminder: Protect your peace throughout the day. Do not entertain thoughts or people that will take away your power to be productive. 

Hope this helps.

Until next time be blessed with less stress-

Ms. Joy Poli

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