Birth My Book Outline

Many people asks me where to begin when thinking about writing a book. Here are some tips to making it happen. I believe we all have at least one good story in us. Make it happen.

Start with an idea, issue, or burning desire. After I went through a divorce it was crazy the amount of women who thought I was losing my mind. My new found liberation brought to me  a sense of peace. The more women I spoke to, the more I realized that these ladies were postponing their happiness for a future date or event. 

 Overcoming Fear Transparency and Tapping In Month 1- Brainstorm Notebook, Index Cards, Voice Recorder Month 2- Organize and Outline – Ideal Reader Month 3 – Design Pictures? Quotes? Notes? Month 4 – Start Typing with a Schedule Month 5 – Pick 3 Trusted Advisors Review and Feedback- Book Title and Introduction Month 6 – Reach out to Target Audience & Create Buzz- Launch Date- Order Proof Month 7- Marketing Website, Social Media, Emails, Phone #’s, Networking Events Month 8 – Set the intention- Books Sales? Feeling? Month 9 – Do it Scared . Give Birth and Be Proud Fear is not real. It’s a plot of the enemy to keep you doing nothing. Keep moving. Keep shining. The best is yet to come!