Bouncing Back After High Blood Pressure Scare

Bouncing Back from High Blood Pressure

Last year during my pre-employment screening the health nurse checked my blood pressure three times. It was high.  Matter of fact every time she checked it, the reading was higher. 

I had felt a little short of breath. Plus I had a slight headache. I thought this was the normal woes of a new mother. I never thought my blood pressure was so high. (It was 164/97). 

Prior to the pregnancy, during the pregnancy, and at my first month check up it was never higher than 120/70. 

I was terrified. Who would take of my baby? What if the urgent care sent me to the emergency room? 

Thank God all my test were negative. They did an ekg and everything was normal. Blood work came back within normal limits. I had to take metoprolol 25mg twice daily. I also had to follow up with a cardiologist. 

After a thorough work up, the cardiologist cleared me to return to work. He also told me to stop taking the pills. 

Next I did the necessary work to get better. 

  • Stopped buying Publix deli meat. 
  • Went walking everyday. 
  • Did exercises of Amazon Prime.
  • Checked my blood pressure twice a day. 

Within a month my blood pressure was back to normal. 

I keep the pill bottle as a reminder that no one is immune. Self-care is important. Health is wealth. Comment below what you are doing to stay healthy. Post any questions you have below. 

Until next time- love, light and liberation. 

~ MsJoy Poli


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