Candytopia Miami: Pleasantly enjoyable place to visit

Where are all these cute pics coming from?

So I saw the social media pictures and I became a fan. I decided to take my daughter to the Candytopia museum for her first birthday. While not the best place for a one-year old… the place was definitely enjoyable.

Yeah, Iā€™m that mom. Tried to stop her from crying by letting her taste a cherry airhead.

Visit Aventura Mall today šŸ™‚

Nestled in the food court of the Aventura mall was the hidden gem. The staff was pleasant and energetic. Every room had a different theme. There was also candy every to enjoy. Our diaper bag held the savory stash.

Favorite Room

Favorite room was the marshmallow pit. There was actually an employee rapping while letting guest know that shoes were not allowed.

Tips If You Plan to Visit

Here are some tips if you plan to visit:

ā€¢ Bring a bag to store your candy
ā€¢ Wear comfortable shoes
ā€¢ Wear something cute so you can take pics.
ā€¢ Stay away from to much confetti
ā€¢ Visit Monday- Thursday (less crowded).
ā€¢ Purchase ticket in advance

Visit if you can. Go early so you can also do a little Christmas shopping. Enjoy. Tag me in the pic @msjoypoli and share your experience. šŸ˜‰

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