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Master the Mind: Corona Craze

My heart is actually pretty heavy. I feel the need to share the art of Mastering your Mindset. ⁣Over the last few days I have had to dig deep to find the positive in each day. 

Birthday plans didn’t go as expected. 
Work has been stressful.
Technology hasn’t been cooperating. 

I am really feeling like there are not enough hours in the day.

However I don’t let bad moments create a bad day.

I make a choice daily to focus on the positive. I also stay with expectation that something great is about to happen. 

There are certain things we can’t control. We do have a choice on how we allow the matters of life to affect our well-being. ⁣

I believe if we can master our mindset we can master our lives. ⁣

Five ways I do this is by ⁣
🔹Reciting affirmations & mantras⁣
🔹Praying ⁣
🔹Guarding my gates ⁣
🔹Humming/listening to music ⁣

What do you do to master your mind?

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Big Goals #2020Vision Steps to Success

Hey star. I’m writing this post on a #SuccessSunday. (Which is a great day to set your intentions for the week).  Last week on Instagram I promised to share what to do with your big goals you want to manifest for your #2020Vision

Time to Make Moves

Write the vision. Make it plain. We are done with tucking our goals and dreams away in notebooks. I challenge you to put notes in plain site where you will see it daily.

Take Action

First step write down those big goals on a post it note, index card, or sheet of paper. Second put it somewhere you will see it daily. Maybe the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror. Next write down the goals down on a sheet of paper. Break those big goals down into actionable steps. Then make it happen.

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If you are like me- sometimes you are stuck feeling sorry for yourself when you don’t show up for you. Time to make some changes. (If you are A-type personality and want to be very specific- google #SMARTgoals )

I’ll Go First

I’ll go first. Here are my three big goals with daily steps to take action.

Big Goals

-Spiritual Success

  • Daily Bible reading
  • Daily Prayer
  • Praise and Worship

-Body Transformation

  • 50 squats daily
  • Drink 4 bottles of water daily
  • Weekly detox

-Blogging and biz

  • Revise home page
  • Pocket Dose book layout
  • One key item search


I may have days that I slack off. One thing for sure is if I work on my goals before I watch #Wendy or check #TheShadeRoom I’ll definitely get it done.


Go ahead and get going. Feel free to post your goals on your #Instastory and tag @tshsociety or share with us via email Just know I’m rooting for you. 😉