Why Personal Success is Important

Have you ever met someone with a great job who was always broke? Maybe you know someone who is always bragging about the latest trends. Over the years I have spent the most money when I was the most depressed. Sadly, I know countless others who have done the same. Perhaps it was the endless trips, or the new car leases, or maybe it was moving to a new apartment each year. Read ahead to see why your personal success is important.

What Happens When We Don’t Feel Good

Oftentimes when we don’t feel good on the inside we make poor decisions with our money, our value and our time. That is why I believe personal success is so important. You need a solid foundation. Your personal life is the ground work to everything else you do. Before you can work on friendships, relationships, or professional life- get your personal life together.  A few years back I was hosting events, building my brand all while my personal life was breaking down. I knew things had to change quickly.

Personal Success in Vital

I started journaling, became more self-aware and started using affirmations and mantras consistently. My life changed for the better. So can yours. 🙂 In order to progress, you must address and do the work in your life.

Personal Success Starts with These Two Steps

It starts with two steps: awareness and goal-setting. Check out the blog post on Mental Health for more tips.

Here’s a quick activity. Take a sheet of paper and write down how you feel- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Need some insight? Listen to the Handle Your Mess Masterclass. 

What’s Next…

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How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when dealing with multiple projects. Write down ideas and vision. Break big goals down.

How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed: When Passionate About Multiple Things

Some people feel lost in life and have no direction. On the other hand, some of us are bursting with ideas that often leave one feeling flustered without direction. Feeling overwhelmed is a common issue when trying to balance adulting. So many things to do, so little time. In this post we will cover a strategy that should help break down multiple goals. Read ahead to find out how to handle feeling overwhelmed when working on many projects.

You Are Not Alone With Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s understandable to feel like you don’t know where to start. Sadly, this might result in you doing nothing towards your goals. We have to change that. There is a solution to feeling overwhelmed when dealing with multiple projects.

Get Those Ideas Out of Your Head & Heart

First step in handling multiple projects is to get those ideas out of your head. Grab a sheet of paper for every big idea you have. Write down the title at the top of the page or in a circle in the middle.

How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed? Write Down the Vision

Then write down your vision for each. For example for this blog I could say. The Simply Happy Blog. Vision statement- To provide mental, emotional, and spiritual insight into living life after 30 to promote hope and happiness.

Next write down some goals/task that need to be completed. I could say- Write one post per week. Guest bloggers. Affiliate accounts. SEO friendly.

After that take the papers and organized them by what you are most passionate about or what is easier. Since I have multiple passions I would put the one that is the low hanging fruit on top which is The Simply Happy Society.

Visualization is Vital When Feeling Overwhelmed

Every night look at those big ideas. Then think of one thing that you could do the following day to feel progression.

Next set 3 task for the next day in your planner/organizer (hope you have one or get one). Digital planner work as well. I prefer physical. There is something magical about seeing the vision and being able to put a check mark or cross out a completed task.

Sit still and visualize a perfect day in your life. Let the beauty and peace you feel carry you through the day.

Mantras Keep You Moving

Create some mantras to help you find peace through the process of feeling overwhelmed when working on multiple projects.

Some examples are –

Done is better than perfect.

Bloom where you are planted.

One day at a time one task at a time.

Progress not perfection.

Bonus Tip

Listen to some spa/meditation music while strategizing. It’s a game changer. 🙌🏾

Hope this helps. Post your comments or questions below. 😉

Ta ta for now.

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Mental Health Matters

Have you ever reached a point in life and wondered- how did I get hear? We can take on so much that it wears down on our mental health. Between juggling many roles, to dealing with the elections, and the ongoing pandemic it’s a lot to absorb. Your mental health matters.

As a registered nurse, I have seen first hand mental health issues some patients face. Often it starts with an external issue disrupting unstable internal conflict.

Here are some mental health tips to help you stay healthy mentally.

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts. Challenge your beliefs and negative self-talk.
  2. Feed your mind good things like affirmations, mantras and happy music.
  3. Journal through your journey. Something about writing is therapeutic. Going back and reflecting on past events can put the spirit at ease. Make a habit to write daily even if it is two sentences.
  4. Find someone who is non-judgmental to talk to. We are all battling something. Listening and asking open-ended questions is a must.
  5. Conduct a weekly mental and emotional check in to stay grounded.

6. Get professional help if needed. Life coaches, therapist, and counselors are out there to give you the help that you need to succeed.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength.

Don’t be strong- be smart. Get out of your head. Stay positive. Keep going. You are not alone on this journey.

Until next time love and light love

Ms. Joy Poli, Your Fav Life Coach helping you bounce back after a break up without breaking down.

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