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Welcome to Good Credit Goals

The place for credit repair, rebuilding and renewing your credit.

Are you saying to yourself- “I need to fix my credit?”

Don’t let bad credit keep you down. It’s time to fix your credit. Credit repair is all about making sure information on your credit profile is correct. Your new car or house is possible. let us show you how! Welcome to Good Credit Goals with TSH Society.

Credit Repair Takes Time

Don’t believe those that say you can fix your credit fast. Things take time. But you can fix your credit the right way. If you are saying – “I need to fix my credit now,” then you are in the right place.

Credit Repair: You Can Do-It-Yourself

Yes, you can fix you credit for free, but may not use the right strategies to raise your score. You can pay someone to fix your credit or fix it yourself for free. Fix credit to buy a house may take six months on average. Thinking about getting started? Watch this video then fill out the form below.

Credit Repair Tips

  • Don’t apply for new credit.
  • Don’t speak to debt collectors
  • Do open all letters
  • Do keep tracks of all dates for proper follow-up

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