Do We Really Worry About What People Think?

msjoypoli author speaker life coach

As I wrote my Freedom Friday Instagram post I couldn’t help having a flashback of the past. 

We often say – “ Who cares what people think?” But sometimes we do care more than we care to say or believe. Do we really care about what people think?

The weekly TSHS email, got me thinking. There are many areas where people hold on to hurt, because of what someone else will say or think. 

  • Maybe you want to start a new job
  • Let go of a stagnant relationship
  • Pursue a new passion

It all boils down to “What do you want?”

I know what it feels like. Scared. Our reaction to what people say tells more about us then it does about them.

There were often times in my life where people had an opinion about my decisions.

  • When I bought a new car
  • Switched up my hairstyle
  • Left my ex-husband
  • Wrote a book

Listening to people

Listening to people sometimes helps- taking it to heart will block your blessings. 

Where in your life do you need to show up for what you want? 

I challenge you to make a list of three things you want to happen this year. Then go for your goals. 

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