LYL: You Don’t Need To Pray

Ironically, I’ve never been good at praying. I used to watch people at church in awe and try to mimic their prayer styles. Sadly, I never got the results I wanted or needed. 

In this post we discuss how to Liberate Your Life (LYL):You don’t need to pray, just talk to God.

Do What You Know

Although I never mastered the eloquent prayer style I desired, I do know how to talk. Through what I know, surprisingly, I have been able to get positive results. You see, My God and I we talk different.  I let him know when I’m being petty and need to be delivered. He knows how to get my attention so I can get to work.

Going to him is easy because he knows me better than I know myself. 

Whether it’s through writing letters in my journal or typing up a quick note in my phone. I keep open the lines of communication. Trust me God wants to hear from you. He wants you to trust lean and rely upon him. 

Speaks Within Silence

There are days when I turn off the radio in my car and I have awkward praise sessions. Sometimes I just spend time praising him. It’s all about Hallelujah and thank you Jesus. 

I probably look really crazy to other drivers. Truth is I don’t care. Sometimes what looks peculiar to others with save your soul. God is my light. If you doesn’t do it, nobody can. He can speak to me when I’m silent.  

Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Appreciation goes a long way. When I don’t know what to say, I  just show love. And when he shows up, he shows out. One thing about prayer is that you don’t have to be fancy. It just has to come from the heart. 

Write Down Your Worries

For years, I have been putting my favorite verses and prayer request on index cards. I keep those prayer cards in my liberation box. Once in there I am no longer allowed to worry about the issue. So often we focus on what’s missing and we miss out. Stay busy while you are waiting for God to work on your behalf. There is a beauty in letting go and giving it to God. 

Reflection Makes It Real

Most importantly, I write down the dates on my prayer card. Writing the date allows me to go back and reflect. Reflection makes it real. During this time I asks myself- If he did all of these big things, why not trust him with the small things? I write a reflection praise report and/or appreciation note on the back. 

You know what, sometimes I’m nice when I talk to God but sometimes I come bold. When it came to buying my house, I had issues closing. Every week it was something different. I would go to the empty house with my bible. I would read scriptures, pray, praise, until I had no other words to say. I reminded him of what his word says, and I wanted action.

God is Real

Nobody can’t tell me that God isn’t real. I cried out to the Lord many times and he heard my cry. It’s amazing feeling to let go. Knowing you don’t have to be so strong. I realize that it is not by my own strength and I can rest.

He who lies within me gets me to my destiny and gives me liberty. I have success. Ultimately, he rescued me and gave me a new song to sing.

Trust Him

As long as the earth and the heavens remain. I have no choice but to trust him. I hope you do too. That’s why I wrote Power Notes. Writing things down is my resource. And I’m sharing it with you. 

Hope You Found This Useful

Thank you for reading thus far. Hope you found this post useful. Should I hold a How to Hold “Conversations With God” Masterclass? Let me know in the comments.

Face it, sometimes during a storm you don’t know where to start. Writing down scriptures will help you on this journey called life.

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Trust me, these tips and journal will help you, like it helped me. 

– msjoypoli