Not Another Vision Poster: Create Your Dream Board

Let’s face it, In life we put our goals, dreams, and aspirations aside for different reasons. Maybe it is to raise the kids. It’s possible that life simply gets in the way. We think as long as the bills are paid we are good. Although we want to take life easy, deep down we know we want more. 

As a child it’s so easy and liberating to envision what career path we will take, where we will live, and so much more. I’m certain ways it’s great to remain child-like, especially when it come to goals. In this blog post I share some three easy steps on not another vision poster, but how to create a dream board for your big goals.

Choosing Netflix and Chill

I know for years, I sat back watching Netflix and sleeping on my goals. Then one day I decided to make a change. I was no longer going to keep my goals buried. You see I let guilt get the best of me. The worst thing you can do when you have aspirations is feeling sorry for yourself. I was constantly saying, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Then more years went by.

After having my daughter I revisited some big goals I have. How can I tell her to go after her goals, but give up on mine. So I set a date to get started. After my daughter turned one- it was go time.

We often get stuck in resentment, disappointment and fear of failure. I had to know with conviction that the thoughts and ideas God was giving me were not in vain. And they were definitely not to keep to myself.

Meanwhile on the ‘Gram

After a dream car discussion on Instagram, I went ahead and did a soul search. Second I reviewed my big goal list. Then I did a google search to match visuals with my main goals. I will print out the dream board and also save the photo as my phone’s wallpaper. Honestly, it was an exciting experience. 

Let me make a note here… if you dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. You can create a vision board which is great. You will probably throw some powerful words on there and cut pictures out of magazines.

On the other hand this dream board might contain some wild ideas. You may think, “Nah that can’t happen.” But what if it does? What happens next just might surprise you.

As the @theauthorpreneur_ says- “See it, say it, seize it..” 

Action Time!

Your #ElevationChallenge


1. Make a list of at least 3 things you desire or want to happen in the next year.

2. Find images online or in magazines that match your vision.

3. Print out those pictures or create a photo collage of the images to save as your phone’s screensaver. You should really do both.

4. Share the picture with someone for accountability.

5. Look at your dream board EVERY single day. Upon rising take a look at the pictures. Pray over it. Asks God for guidance on what direction to take next. At night look over the pictures and get excited on what is to come. 

Tips for Success

Get excited about your desires. Expect great things to come. 

It’s okay to change your mind along the way. Celebrate small successes. Place a check mark, happy face, or some kind of indicator on the photo of the goals that are accomplished. My favorite- TYG! Thank you, God. 

Go after your goals, dreams, and aspirations. While you are at it, be very specific. For example, I want a silver Chevy Traverse with no car payments. Creating your board is more of knowing what you want, let’s worry about how another day.

Hope this helps you keep your dreams and goals front of mind. Until next time happiness, love, and liberation. For some inspiration I have included my dream board below.

photos used from a google search. Layout – PhotoGrid app.

Ms. Joy Poli

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