Feeling Overwhelmed: Try These 3 Tips

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I remember in 2017 suffering from severe headaches daily. I was working full-time as a nurse and also running the TSHS brand. I was dealing with a relationship that was on the rocks. I broke up with my boyfriend. I put the business on pause. Over the last few years I kept writing but I wasn’t putting out content. I kept watching others online and knew deep down my passion was to help others. Health is wealth. If I was going to step out again I need to do it right.

When you are feeling overwhelmed the key is to do something about it before things get worse. Recognize the signs before totally shutting down.

Make the Change

This year I committed to scheduling 3-5 tasks each day. If there is something else that needs to get done I cross off something from the list or put it on tomorrow’s agenda. I used to get so overwhelmed then get nothing done. My daily to-do list used to be 20-30 tasks long. There is no way I would make that happen.

Don’t Hide Your Gifts

Some of us are multi-passionate. Sadly we must learn to strategize, delegate, and prioritize. Sometimes less is better. I actually complete more things now with less on the list.

Keeping different journals also helps. Consequently I have a prayer journal, liberated thoughts journal, and I keep a business notebook. However, sometimes my notes end up on post-it notes or index cards.

I’ve also learned to reprogram my mind. I repeat several mantra to calm my mental state.

  • One day at a time, one task at a time.
  • I have plenty of time.
  • Bloom where I am planted.
  • Done is better than perfect.

Repeating these phrases puts my spirit at ease. Listening to spa or meditation music while I work has definitely been helpful.

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Remember: Even when it’s hard- smile and be simply happy 😉 – Ms Joy Poli