Health is Wealth

In 2019, I spent months at home with my newborn daughter. This meant long nights of sleeping maybe 2-3 hours at a time. I didn’t want to take her out in the midst of the flu season. 

We spent most days at home on the couch.  Prior to my maternity leave,  I was working almost an hour away from home.  I needed something closer.  After the baby arrived, I prayed daily. Then I would check the company website for job openings. 

You see if I didn’t return to the same company there was a possibility that I would have to pay back the money they gave me for short-term disability. That definitely was a no no.Then the day came that I found and applied to an open position. Shortly after I got the great news that a job interview was scheduled. Then my grandma passed.

I was a ball of emotions. I was sad one moment knowing that my grandma was now gone. Then it would warm my heart thinking of her laughter. The next moment I was overjoyed holding my baby in my arms. Then I  had butterflies wondering about this interview. 

My grandma was called home on a Sunday. I had to go to the job interview that following Monday. All I could tell myself was that although my granny panny was small she was strong. She would want me to use that strength that women in our family carried and crush the job interview. So I went and nailed it. 

Around this time last year I remember leaving my pre-employment screening. . All those long nights with the baby and days spent missing my grandma had affected my health. My blood pressure was too high and I needed a doctors sign off in order to start working. There were so many thoughts running through my head. What if I have to go to the hospital? Who is going to care for my baby? What if left untreated and I had a stroke or worse. I had to get myself together fast.

God wouldn’t bring me this far to leave me would he?  Nevertheless I went to the urgent care. They ran tests. Sent me to see a cardiologist. Thank God I was cleared to start the new position. My blood pressure was never higher than 110/60 and now I was at risk. 

More about this story will be posted on my blog, including the changes I made to get back on track.

I said all that to say this. No one lives a perfect life. My blood pressure is back to my baseline. I am healthy. But listen to your body. When you get bad news, make the necessary changes to bounce back. If there is a will there’s a way. You got this. 

DM me if you have questions. Comment below if you know what its like to lose someone and push through the journey of life.