Liberated Lifestyle

Letting go is hard. Starting over sucks. Success in life starts with liberation.

author of liberated lifestyle holding book
Ms. Joyce Poliard – Author, Speaker, Liberation Life Coach

My name is Joyce. My belief is now is a good time for you to bounce back.

I wrote the Guide to a Liberated Lifestyle for those who desire a new way of life. It is a book about self-love, relationships, and the liberation journey.

From overcoming the disappointment of divorce, depression, and overthinking- I know what it takes to start over. Give your life new meaning.

Its been five years since the book was written. Now I am back in 2020 with clearer vision. Sharing boldly what liberation really means. It’s all about letting go to get ahead. It’s about your personal freedom. Are you defining what happiness and success looks like for yourself?

Maybe your life is perfect. You never went through a breakup. You’ve never been disappointed. Never had a hard time letting go or starting over. This book isn’t for you.

This book is for those who seek personal freedom from disappointments, heartbreak, overthinking. Maybe just standing still. I am here for you. Let’s take this liberation journey together.

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The book discusses

  • What is liberation?
  • How to become liberated?
  • First steps to liberation.
  • How to let go
  • How to start over
  • Finding self-love
  • How to attract your ideal life