Master the Mind: Corona Craze

My heart is actually pretty heavy. I feel the need to share the art of Mastering your Mindset. ⁣Over the last few days I have had to dig deep to find the positive in each day. 

Birthday plans didn’t go as expected. 
Work has been stressful.
Technology hasn’t been cooperating. 

I am really feeling like there are not enough hours in the day.

However I don’t let bad moments create a bad day.

I make a choice daily to focus on the positive. I also stay with expectation that something great is about to happen. 

There are certain things we can’t control. We do have a choice on how we allow the matters of life to affect our well-being. ⁣

I believe if we can master our mindset we can master our lives. ⁣

Five ways I do this is by ⁣
🔹Reciting affirmations & mantras⁣
🔹Praying ⁣
🔹Guarding my gates ⁣
🔹Humming/listening to music ⁣

What do you do to master your mind?

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