How to Move Forward With Forgiveness

It happens someone makes you mad. Maybe they said something behind your back. Are you able to move forward with forgiveness? Perhaps an associate went too far during a heated discussion. You think you forgive and forget. Then you hear their name or see something that reminds you of them. Then something inside starts to fester up.

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Time fo Move Forward with Forgiveness

This is life as we know it. Did you know your mind will believe whatever you tell it? Let’s focus on moving forward with forgiveness after the fact. In this blog post we will discuss some simple ways to let go and grow. 😊

Keep these three things in mind to move forward with a spirit of forgiveness.

  • Mantras
  • Meditation
  • Moving forward

Mantras for Moving Forward

First off, simple mantras can help you release the negative emotions. Whenever you find yourself triggered you can say things like:

  • I’m unbothered. 
  • I let go and grow. 
  • Life is better when I’m not bitter. 

The key is to repeat these phrases over and over until you are at ease. Repeat then feel the release.

Meditation and Music

A moment in meditation can really help you refocus. Try playing some spa or meditation- like music. Sit down or stand with arms at your side. Feet should remain uncrossed. Close your eyes. Breath in through your nose. Slowly out of your mouth. Repeat five times. Look around you. Focus on the here and now. Ask yourself- in this moment… what matters? 🌻

Visualize Moving Forward

Moving forward will require you to envision a life of freedom. Listen to some happy music. Grab a cup of tea and write down how you feel in the moment. Focus on what you want your life to look like. Remember your mind will believe whatever you tell it. Tell it good things.

  • Tell it you are free.
  • You focus on positivity. 
  • You’re visualizing the victory

What’s Next?

Hope this helps bring happiness and hope. You can find me hanging out on IG or on Facebook in the For Spiritual Motivated Millennial group. ~ Ms Joy 

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