Nurse Success System Wins: Note from the Organized Nurse

Nurse success system. Note from the organized nurse. Every time I leave the parking garage at work, there is a five-six minute walk to the nursing floor. While I often sing a motivational song, or say a prayer, one thing is a must, pocket setup.  There are seven pockets on my nursing uniform at any given time.

Nurse Success System: Pocket Organization

I have a plastic bag full of tools. Each pocket has a purpose:

  • One pocket for pens
  • Another pocket for scissors and a pill splitter
  • Then there is the small pocket for alcohol wipes
  • Pants pocket gets the Sharpie marker, the highlighter, and the dry erase marker
  • Another pocket get the iv tubing protectors and tape
  • Then there is the special pocket for my cell phone and candy

Stare On, I Have a System

I have gotten weird stares from other nurses.  Visitors on the elevator try not to look. Funny thing is, “It does not bother me.” The last thing I want to do is look unprepared in front of my patients.  The same nurses that snicker are the same ones that asks to borrow one of my handy tools later during the shift.

Success Is In Your System

You see, much like anything you do in life, the success is in your system.

  • Planning your day
  • Cleaning your house
  • Working your business
  • Managing your finances

Systems work. If you don’t believe me, look at McDonald’s.  The other day I was in the drive thru. It amazed me they had a machine to dispense the cup of water I requested!  

Back to the Point.

  • My pocket system saves me time.
  • Makes me more prepared.
  • Allows me to quickly realize when something is missing.

Where in your life  do you need structure and a system?

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