Liberated Lifestyle Paperback Book

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The Liberated Lifestyle Book.

Are you having a hard time letting go? Is starting over stressful? Trouble overthinking daily situations? It’s time to discover personal freedom, defining true happiness, and embrace self-love. Live the liberated lifestyle!

This transformational book is 100 pages, single spaced, with scattered quotes throughout. Filled with thought provoking action steps to help you find your breakthrough. Purchase today.

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The Liberated Lifestyle Book.

Trust me, I understand your struggles. I know a thing or two about dramatic changes. I was feeling unfulfilled in life after going through a tough divorce, facing foreclosures, and losing important friendships. After traveling down the difficult road to discover my own personal freedom and tap into true happiness I felt inspired to guide others. I discovered the key to happiness and healing was the liberated lifestyle.

Journey to Personal Freedom

I was able to alleviate myself of the emotional baggage I was carrying for so many years and step out into
the world feeling lighter. Now, I help others face their fears, tackle uncertainty, and shift their
mindset to reach new heights in their own lives! This book isn’t just about getting through difficult life
changes, it’ll teach you to use that change and uncertainty as a launching pad for positive change!

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“The Liberated Lifestyle” helps you unblock the thoughts you bury so you can find that happy place again. This guide was created to motivate those in all walks of life: single, dating, or married to live a liberated lifestyle. It is an easy read, with insightful questions throughout. This is definitely the book to underline and highlight on the journey of self-discovery. Personal freedom is yours for the taking.

Your life is in your hands. If you’ve ever wondered why some people live a better life while you are sitting there stressing this is the book for you.

Do you want to focus on your blessings? Well you are in the right place. The Liberated Lifestyle is the key to unlocking greater potential.  Imagine the moment when you gain clarity. You are no longer holding on to situations that are out of your control. You are focusing on solutions, rather than magnifying the problem. People starting noticing the difference. You have a natural glow. Whether you are trying to let go of uncertainty or a certain ex- this book is for you.  

Life is a journey, this book can help.

The  Liberated Lifestyle book takes a look at the author’s experience of self-discovery post-divorce, foreclosures, and losing key friendships.  This book reminds you to find that happy place in the simple things of daily life.

Liberation is personal freedom.

Personal Freedom is powerful. Read the blog to find out more about liberation.

This guide was created to liberate men and women from all walks of life: single, dating, or married to live a liberated lifestyle. Nobody can do it for you. “Out of Your Mind, Out of Your Heart, Give Your Feelings a Fresh Start.” You deserve to be happy. No more sitting around complaining about things that are out of our control. Liberate Your Life.

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Key to Getting Ahead

Before you can get ahead in life you must let go of the emotional baggage that is weighing you down. When it comes to life, there is only one way to live- liberated. From letting go of the past to starting over, you got this. Personal freedom gives you inner peace to push through. In this guide you will find ways for:

  • Discovering personal freedom.
  • Defining true happiness.
  • Embracing self-love.


  • 7 Liberated Laws to Live By
  • Answer to liberation questions received over the years
  • How Comparison is the Thief of Joy

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6 reviews for Liberated Lifestyle Paperback Book

  1. Kathy Alexis-Haler

    Got this book a few years ago and the principles Joyce illustrates in this book still apply til this day. Whether you’re single, engaged, married or anything in between you will definitely feel connected and uplifted with this book.

    • admin

      Happy you found value in the quick read. Thanks for the purchase.

  2. Judith Mergilles

    I read this book when first released and I Immediately expected to apply the values and lessons to my life at the moment. What continue to stand out to me is how I continue to apply different aspect of the book to different stages of my life and growth, as a wife, mother, nurse, business owner. I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their outlook or mere inspiration.

    • admin

      Thank you for the feedback. Now may be a good time to reread the Liberated Lifestyle book.

  3. Jean_ous

    Great book, easy reading, has relatable life lessons and how to manage them. What I liked the most was the interactive pages/tools ❤️ Grab them all ~My Money Matters ~Power Notes

  4. Kelly Douglas

    For you avid readers, its a great interactive book that will enhance your everyday lives. If you have a problem or lost focus of a goal /particular desire ,this is the go to book … it has tools to help build/rebuild your self assurance. NO REGRETS

  5. Marsha T

    A great teacher is quite during the test. Joyce provides great information that would help you get organized and planning your life. Money matters is a great book for great financial decisions. Thank you Ms Joy Poli!

  6. Nyla A.

    This book has taught me how
    to maintain consistent happiness in my life. The author brings personal experience into her writing, which is relatable and makes the book authentic. The book includes questionnaires throughout the chapters, which reinforces the power of self-reflection. This book inspired me to make better choices and take positive actions more often.

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