POWER Notes Journal: Inner Peace and Power


Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Feel like you are going through the motions? Well you need to get your power back. This is your go-to tool for keeping powerful affirmations, enlightening quotes, and insightful scriptures all in one place.  Stop the screen shots! Purchase POWER Notes Journal today. Physical journal is full color. Size is  6 in x 9. Includes 50 pages.

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Power Notes Journal: Do you need help focusing on the present? Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Finally there is an easy way to find clarity amid the chaos with Your Power Notes Journal.

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Keep all your power notes in one place. Purchase POWER Notes today. All in all, this is the go-to tool to organize your power words.

In other words, if you usually take screenshots of quotes you find on social media or save quotes to your phone this is the perfect tool for you.

Use this Power Notes Guided-Journal

First for words of positive affirmation

Secondly write down enlightening quotes

Lastly, record insightful scriptures

In addition, there is a note section

You need a plan.

Besides, you can’t pretend your way to peace. 

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Furthermore this is your spiritual and mindset tool. Writing things down has power. To help you grow and heal. Provided that you do the work, it’s time to put your power to work in your life.

Maybe you are like me.

Although it seems like every time you take a step forward you have to take two steps back, there’s hope. Unless you give up, life can be better. That’s why journaling is a great tool. On the other hand, maybe you tried to write things down but you stare at a blank page not knowing what to write.

It seems that good information isn’t available when you need it. You can’t remember where you wrote it or which phone you kept the screenshot in- that’s exactly why I created Power Notes. 

It’s time you kept those powerful words in one place.

Clearly you can save some great information in this book. Anywhere you find useful words, use this journal to keep track. For one thing use, this tool will work for you if you do the work. Again, this is the book you need to bounce back.

Thereafter, this journal will leave you feeling empowered. Be more productive by adding the power notes to your daily routine. The problem is that you are not taking time for yourself.

Have a daily action plan.

When you wake up in the morning recite your affirmations. Throughout the day state your quotes. During devotional time repeat your favorite scriptures, now that’s Power. 

The Power Notes journal is broken down into three sections to help you stay organized. Keep your journal by your bed or take or take it on the go.

Who is this book great for?

Great for individuals and great for couples who want to get closer. This can be used by your children to help build self-esteem. Buy it for the whole family. Give it as a gift to someone who is going through a breakup or divorce. We all need some daily motivation and inspiration.  

Your life re-imagined.

Imagine your life full of power knowing who you are and showing up strong. This is what happens when you use Your Power Notes Journal. Not that we are adults does not mean we stop learning. It’s time to keep your cool during COVID-19. I remember going through a divorce and feeling lost.  The journey to healing required me to sit down and do the inner work. Self-discovery allowed me to replace what I have known in life and rework my mindset.

Post-it note on the wall.

In my previous daily routine, I would plaster post-it notes and index cards all over the house with scripture and affirmations. Every time I find myself overthinking or reliving the past I would repeat the words on the wall over and over again until I felt strong. Whenever you are on this path in life POWER Notes can help you on the journey. 


FAQ’s (read below)

Where will I find inspiration?

You can find inspiration in conversations with friends. On Pinterest. On Facebook. In the Bible. On our founder’s Instagram account. 

What happens when I fill it up?

Use the notes section in the back. Use an empty journal or notebook. Buy another book.

How can I fit this journal into my day?

First of all, start each day with gratitude and prayer. Following your gratitude session, write down affirmations, quotes, and scriptures throughout the day. In the morning recite your affirmations. In the afternoon review the scriptures. Lastly, before bed read the scriptures. In short, create a routine that works for you.

Can I give this journal as a gift?

Not only is this journal great for you, but it also makes a perfect gift. Other great products are in the works. For example, we are working on creating a Liberation Box for those in need of freedom tools.

Are the pages pre-filled with content?

Currently, not all sections. On one hand, the affirmation section has a page of powerful “I AM” affirmations. On the other hand, my team and I have decided to leave the quotes and scriptures sections blank.  Besides, people have their personal preferences. Therefore, what seems powerful to me may not be powerful to you. Instead, focus on what really matters to you.

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