Big Goals #2020Vision Steps to Success

Hey star. I’m writing this post on a #SuccessSunday. (Which is a great day to set your intentions for the week).  Last week on Instagram I promised to share what to do with your big goals you want to manifest for your #2020Vision

Time to Make Moves

Write the vision. Make it plain. We are done with tucking our goals and dreams away in notebooks. I challenge you to put notes in plain site where you will see it daily.

Take Action

First step write down those big goals on a post it note, index card, or sheet of paper. Second put it somewhere you will see it daily. Maybe the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror. Next write down the goals down on a sheet of paper. Break those big goals down into actionable steps. Then make it happen.

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If you are like me- sometimes you are stuck feeling sorry for yourself when you don’t show up for you. Time to make some changes. (If you are A-type personality and want to be very specific- google #SMARTgoals )

I’ll Go First

I’ll go first. Here are my three big goals with daily steps to take action.

Big Goals

-Spiritual Success

  • Daily Bible reading
  • Daily Prayer
  • Praise and Worship

-Body Transformation

  • 50 squats daily
  • Drink 4 bottles of water daily
  • Weekly detox

-Blogging and biz

  • Revise home page
  • Pocket Dose book layout
  • One key item search


I may have days that I slack off. One thing for sure is if I work on my goals before I watch #Wendy or check #TheShadeRoom I’ll definitely get it done.


Go ahead and get going. Feel free to post your goals on your #Instastory and tag @tshsociety or share with us via email Just know I’m rooting for you. 😉

Bump That High Interest Rate. Balance Transfer It Is. When to transfer that is the question.

What Had Happened Was…

So recently my credit score went up about fifty points. Yes, she is in the 700 club baby. Now your money matters coach kind of messed up. See I had this Capital One card that I carried around in my wallet. Their slogan is “What’s in your wallet, right?” Something crazy happened. Bump That High Interest Rate. Balance Transfer It Is. When to transfer that is the question.

I Messed Up

I had a month of emotional shopping. Life was a little nerve wrecking and what better way to relieve stress than shopping? (I have sense replaced shopping with the gym, yay me.)

Bump That High Interest Rate

My Capital One card balance was creeping in two grand. Then my sister planned a trip to Aruba and I took another card with me. Did you know food is really expensive? Now I am not proud of my recent financial blunders. The great thing is that before I left for Aruba in July- I received a balance transfer check from Discover. I also received a letter from my credit union.

A Ram in the Bush

Although the credit union had better rates, I went with Discover. The terms were longer, plus my credit limit is higher. So it won’t affect my credit score. Now I love Capital One for giving a sister a chance when my credit score was in the 500’s. However that 24% interest rate is not the deal.

The Plan to Prosper

So here are the details. I was able to transfer almost $4000 worth of credit card debt. There was no balance transfer fee, (which is usually 3%). The interest rate is 4.9% for 16 months. So if I pay $250 per month, I would have save a lot of money in the process. Oh yeah- what’s in my wallet? My debit card. Ta ta.

Can You Believe There is a Difference? Liberation and Freedom


In my early twenties I was unstoppable. I had several investment properties. I had amazing friendships. Life was indeed fun. In 2015 I found myself wanting to be free of marriage and money problems. Sadly, after an emotionally devastating divorce and three foreclosures I really felt like a failure. I would lay in the bed all day. I felt numb. There were times I would get up to eat very little which consisted of plain oatmeal or yogurt.

Making a Decision

Then one day I made a decision. Thoughts of failure would no longer imprison me. I gave depression a deadline. I made a choice to make the rest of my days the best of my days.  The fight has just begun. Everyday there are unseen forces fighting to keep us from fulfilling our goals and dreams.

There is a Difference

All this time I thought freedom and liberation meant the same thing. A quick Dr. Google search told me different.

Liberation: The act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

Freedom: The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

It takes liberation to achieve freedom.


I had an aha- moment. Liberation is the journey to freedom. Life will constantly throw up roadblocks and obstacles. We must overcome.  The great thing is you don’t have to do it alone. There are life coaches such as myself that can ask you those questions and help you on your journey.

The Big Question..

What area of your life needs some clarity or liberation? Let’s talk. Reply to this email to set up a session.

Not ready to talk? The Guide to a Liberated Lifestyle – on sale today!

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