Reflect, Reset & Rise

Sundays are a great time to do a self-assessment. Reset. Reflect. rise.

Sunday’s are meant to rest. While you rest it’s a great opportunity for a self-assessment. We like to call it, the Triple R. Reflect, reset, and rise.


On Sundays spend some time reflecting on last week. Asks yourself, what went well and what didn’t?


Reset involves liberation. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. Let go of the things out of your control.


Rise by writing a letter to God telling him how you want your new week to go. If you desire change, dare to dream, then take action.

Troubling find clarity?

If you are having trouble focusing because of overwhelm or pain- asks God to show you your purpose. If you notice a pattern of problems finding the answers just might lead you to figure out why you are here on earth.


In the past, I’ve always wanted to be in control. I would overthink friendships, relationship, life in general when things didn’t go my way.

I overcame overthinking and control by letting go. God has given me the gift of liberation where I no longer stress over things that are not in my control. 

My purpose & passion

Now my purpose and passion is to help other do the same. I believe that in order to go further in life- freedom is the vehicle. 

Packing light allows you to get to your destination without a lot of baggage aka dead weight. 

Your troubles are telling you something

If you notice a pattern going on in your life that you don’t like it’s time to take a self-assessment. Our coaching clients focus on where they want to be in the next five years and create a plan to work backwards. 

Without a vision, the people perish.

If you don’t know where you want to go, how are you going to get there? Ask yourself some important questions.

Do I like my life right now?

Am I satisfied with my job/career?

What are my hobbies? 

Where do I spend the most of my time? 

Who is on my top five list?

Need help?

If you need help on your journey set up a discovery call session and let’s talk one-on-one. 

Big Goals #2020Vision Steps to Success

Hey star. I’m writing this post on a #SuccessSunday. (Which is a great day to set your intentions for the week).  Last week on Instagram I promised to share what to do with your big goals you want to manifest for your #2020Vision

Time to Make Moves

Write the vision. Make it plain. We are done with tucking our goals and dreams away in notebooks. I challenge you to put notes in plain site where you will see it daily.

Take Action

First step write down those big goals on a post it note, index card, or sheet of paper. Second put it somewhere you will see it daily. Maybe the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror. Next write down the goals down on a sheet of paper. Break those big goals down into actionable steps. Then make it happen.

Photo From big goals 2020 vision

If you are like me- sometimes you are stuck feeling sorry for yourself when you don’t show up for you. Time to make some changes. (If you are A-type personality and want to be very specific- google #SMARTgoals )

I’ll Go First

I’ll go first. Here are my three big goals with daily steps to take action.

Big Goals

-Spiritual Success

  • Daily Bible reading
  • Daily Prayer
  • Praise and Worship

-Body Transformation

  • 50 squats daily
  • Drink 4 bottles of water daily
  • Weekly detox

-Blogging and biz

  • Revise home page
  • Pocket Dose book layout
  • One key item search


I may have days that I slack off. One thing for sure is if I work on my goals before I watch #Wendy or check #TheShadeRoom I’ll definitely get it done.


Go ahead and get going. Feel free to post your goals on your #Instastory and tag @tshsociety or share with us via email Just know I’m rooting for you. 😉

Happy Home? How do you feel when you are home, the lights go out, and the world is quiet?

My not-so happy home. Before the new year I took an assessment of my home. At the suggestion of Quadeera Teart, in her “I Am a Celebrity Woman” workbook, I decided to clean up and get organized. First there was the clean up. Then, I looked around and still wasn’t satisfied. Secondly, I moved the big furniture around. Ironically, something was still missing.

I had a flash back moment. Years ago I would fill up the walls of my house with inspirational messages every where. Literally, the kitchen, living room, and my bedroom were an oasis of positive messages.

I wanted some new decor for my living room. The “money matters” millennial in me waited until after the new year. I went to several department stores. After a day of no results I went into Bealle’s outlet. They had all the Christmas items at half-off. Some items were even 70% off.  Can we say #winning ?

I purchased some cute pillows (seen above), a throw and some table decor for less than $80. I was satisfied. Now every time I come home I see the word “home.” Magically I relax as soon as I walk through my front door.  My soft pleather couch is “my happy place,” no matter what kind of day I have had.

Our Home, Our Attitude

However, I began to think about how our home affects our attitude. So let me asks you again, how happy is your home?

Trouble with us millennials is, we often look to social media to find happiness. Online people can be who they want to be. We then compare and look at what is missing from our own lives instead of analyzing what we really desire to make us happy. How do you feel when you are home, the lights go out, and the world is quiet?

Where you rest your head, should be that happy place. What colors surround you?  What does your home smell like? How organized are you? Do you surround yourself with pictures and quotes that lift you up?

That Happy Place

TSH Society is all about promoting that happy place. In the book “The Liberated Lifestyle”, I discuss a previous situation where I did not desire to go home. I would do anything to stay away. When I was there my spirit was not at ease. I no longer take for granted the wonderful feeling to be home and be comfortable.

Happy Home Challenge

I challenge you this week to look around your home. Operation happy home in full effect! What can you do better? If you share living quarters at least have a wall, corner, or shelf that is all you.  Remove three items that you no longer need. Add at least one item that you will see and will instantly make you smile.

Email pictures to if you care to share. Would love to see the positive changes. Ta ta for now.

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Joyce Poliard is a Lifestyle Coach 2 Millennials. She is a ninja nurse by night. By day she enjoys helping motivated millennials. Ms. Poliard believes you can tap into power, find your purpose, and achieve prosperity. Follow @tshsociety on social media channels to get a daily dose of inspiration. Send an email to with your #1 goal for 2017 and let’s see if TSH Society can help.