The Difference Between Affirmations and Mantras. Why you should really be using both.

Even the strong of us need strength. There is a difference between mantras and affirmations. You really should be using both on a daily basis. Here’s why.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. As a nurse I see stress manifest into physical symptoms such a heart attacks, high blood pressure cases, and sadly even strokes.

The difference.

Affirmations are meant to affirm a statement. It’s a sort of positive self-talk. In my opinion the best affirmations begin with two powerful words- I am.

Keep the words positive. They key is to use action words. These statements can be repeated daily.

While both affirmations and mantras reprogram thinking- mantras are a way different. Mantras are statements or sentences to help in the moment. It helps with a form of meditation.

Holding onto your power and controlling the mind is done by using affirmations and mantras. They can actually keep you from having a melt down.

Try using affirmation during devotional readings, your morning routine, or nighttime recap. Repeat mantras at any moment you need reduce stress or refocus.

My mantras for 2020 so far are-

Bloom where you are planted.

Done is better than perfect.

Peace over prosperity.

I have even added them to my 2020 vision board.

When I find myself stressing I say these statements to myself repeatedly until I am at peace. Mantras really help to refocus. You can have a mantra for the month or one for the moment. When feeling stress or overwhelmed think of your mantras. Close your eyes. Focus on the bridge of your nose. Take a deep breath inhale through your nose and slowly out of your mouth. Repeat your chosen mantra until relaxed. Then smile. You got this. 😉

Here are some examples of affirmations:

I am strong. I am enough.

I am doing great things.

I am in control.

I am worthy. I am beautiful.

I am prosperous. I am inspired.

I often sit and reflect on areas of my life that need work and create affirmations that lean towards changing behavior.

For example.

When I lack energy- I am energized.

When I have trouble completing a task – I am a task completer.

When I am frustrated at work- I am exactly where I need to be.

Stressed out- I am in control. One day at a time. One task at a time. I can do it all, but not all at once.

Now it’s your turn, if you haven’t already done so, create a list of affirmations. Second place the list in a visible location:

• in your car

• On the fridge

• Phone screensaver

There is power in resetting and reframing thinking.

You have the power to choose action when faced with adversity.

Until next post- wishing you love, light, and liberation.