The One Thing You Need to Succeed

You Won’t Succeed in Life Until You Do This.

No matter where you want to go in life it’s going to take one key thing that you need to succeed.


It’s simple. Believing in yourself will take you places that talent won’t. Belief will allow you to keep going when things don’t look good. It’s in the same category as confidence and self-esteem. We all doubt our abilities in one way or another, we just can’t stay there.

I remember when I lacked belief

I remember a few years ago a lot of my friends were telling me I should become a life coach. 

There I was having my own struggles- there’s no way I could help someone else. I didn’t feel adequate or capable. So no matter what anyone said- I lacked the belief. 

It was part of the plan

Fast forward a year later, I wrote a book The Liberated Lifestyle, about personal freedom after failure. I started speaking at events. Then I realized I was connecting with different people.

Some people could simply read a blog or book and take action. Others needed to hear a voice from a trusted source to go after their goals. On the other hand there were people who needed someone to hold their hand along the journey.

Although everyone learns differently they all had one thing in common- belief.

The ones I couldn’t help were the ones that lacked belief. Some thought they weren’t good enough. Others believed no one would support. 

It’s crazy how some people have a problem for every solution.

Now I started helping people achieve their goals without any formal training. I just knew the type of talk and action it takes to progress on life. I already had the know- how, my belief had to play catch up. 

What You Need To Succeed.

Maybe there is something that you want to go after in life. It’s possible you want a career change, to start a new business, leave a dead-end relationship, or maybe you are just feeling stuck. 

Take time to assess your situation. Watch your words they have the power to hinder or help you. 

Remember- when it come to success, it doesn’t matter if you have faith in God, you have to also believe in yourself. 

What’s next

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Ms Joy Poli

If you are searching for that one person in life that will change your life- look in the mirror. – unknown