Go From Unfulfilled to Flourishing

Are you going through a season of uneasiness and desire change? 

Remember these three things…

  • One day it will all make sense. 
  • Nothing happens by accident. 
  • It’s all part of the plan. 

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How to Stop Domestic Violence

How to Stop Domestic Violence: It Doesn’t Have to Keep You Down. Meet Majidah Smith

Here at TSH Society, we are on a mission to share stories of millennials who have turn pain into a superpower. It’s time to push past the pain and walk in your purpose. Check out our interview with Majidah Smith. Remember- domestic violence doesn’t have to keep you down.

In this interview we discussed:

  • The different forms of abuse
  • Deciding when enough is enough.
  • Majidah surviving domestic violence- during a five year marriage. 
  • Motivation to Keep Going.
  • Advice for someone in a domestic violence situation

Stop Domestic Violence! Interview Key Takeaways

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  • Change your mindset, change your life. 
  • Get the help you need counseling, therapy, etc.
  • Healing is a choice. It starts with making a decision. 
  • Don’t make excuses for abuse.
  • Can’t take advice from everyone.
  • Make a decision and stick with it. Don’t cause confusion.
  • Set a deadline.
  • Your peace is a priority. 
  • Nobody has it all together.
  • What you allow will continue. 

The very thing you don’t want to let go, may be the very thing blocking your blessings.  

– Majidah Smith

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