Happy Home? How do you feel when you are home, the lights go out, and the world is quiet?

My not-so happy home. Before the new year I took an assessment of my home. At the suggestion of Quadeera Teart, in her “I Am a Celebrity Woman” workbook, I decided to clean up and get organized. First there was the clean up. Then, I looked around and still wasn’t satisfied. Secondly, I moved the big furniture around. Ironically, something was still missing.

I had a flash back moment. Years ago I would fill up the walls of my house with inspirational messages every where. Literally, the kitchen, living room, and my bedroom were an oasis of positive messages.

I wanted some new decor for my living room. The “money matters” millennial in me waited until after the new year. I went to several department stores. After a day of no results I went into Bealle’s outlet. They had all the Christmas items at half-off. Some items were even 70% off.  Can we say #winning ?

I purchased some cute pillows (seen above), a throw and some table decor for less than $80. I was satisfied. Now every time I come home I see the word “home.” Magically I relax as soon as I walk through my front door.  My soft pleather couch is “my happy place,” no matter what kind of day I have had.

Our Home, Our Attitude

However, I began to think about how our home affects our attitude. So let me asks you again, how happy is your home?

Trouble with us millennials is, we often look to social media to find happiness. Online people can be who they want to be. We then compare and look at what is missing from our own lives instead of analyzing what we really desire to make us happy. How do you feel when you are home, the lights go out, and the world is quiet?

Where you rest your head, should be that happy place. What colors surround you?  What does your home smell like? How organized are you? Do you surround yourself with pictures and quotes that lift you up?

That Happy Place

TSH Society is all about promoting that happy place. In the book “The Liberated Lifestyle”, I discuss a previous situation where I did not desire to go home. I would do anything to stay away. When I was there my spirit was not at ease. I no longer take for granted the wonderful feeling to be home and be comfortable.

Happy Home Challenge

I challenge you this week to look around your home. Operation happy home in full effect! What can you do better? If you share living quarters at least have a wall, corner, or shelf that is all you.  Remove three items that you no longer need. Add at least one item that you will see and will instantly make you smile.

Email pictures to if you care to share. Would love to see the positive changes. Ta ta for now.

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Joyce Poliard is a Lifestyle Coach 2 Millennials. She is a ninja nurse by night. By day she enjoys helping motivated millennials. Ms. Poliard believes you can tap into power, find your purpose, and achieve prosperity. Follow @tshsociety on social media channels to get a daily dose of inspiration. Send an email to with your #1 goal for 2017 and let’s see if TSH Society can help.


You Are Your Brand: What are you saying to society?

Birthday Behavior

Last week I went to Georgia for my birthday. I thought about canceling the trip so many times. I created plenty of excuses on why I couldn’t go. While spending some time meditating and praying, I realized I needed to go. Perhaps, getting away from Broward County would give me the break I so needed.

One of my goals for this year was to visit Georgia. The idea was on my vision board and also in one of my journal entries. Needless to say, because of Facebook I found out some of my friends were in Atlanta as well. (Oh, I forgot to mention, I traveled to Georgia solo for a 5Linx Conference.)

Auntie Annie’s Pretzels Start Conversation

The best part of the trip ironically, included Auntie Annie pretzels. A young lady sitting to my right on the plane offered me some Auntie Annie’s cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. I wasn’t hungry, but who turns down Auntie Annie’s Pretzels? Not JP.

How Sweet!

This was a nice gesture on her behalf. Sharing her snack with the total stranger sitting next to her. I looked up to say thank you while realizing she was very beautiful. (Check out her picture above.) Her smile was genuine. So the questions began. What brings you to town? Etc.

Invest in Yourself

Needless to say we got into a great conversation recapping some moments of our trips. She was in Georgia for a model casting call. Her second audition had her really excited. Modeling is her passion and she has no trouble investing in her dream. The flights and all trip expenses were out of her pocket.

Facts For Millennials

After our great conversation, I stopped and thought about her situation. A few concepts stood out.
1. You must invest in yourself.
2. You are your brand.
3. Nothing comes without sacrifice.
4. Life is about taking chances.

I gave her some complimentary coaching tips such as hosting events and modeling locally for various brands to fund her passion further. Instagram shout outs for personal and brands was an easy way to make extra money.

The main point of this post is… you are your brand. There is something unique that you provide to the universe. Find a way to get paid for your gifts. If what you do cost money, do something to fund it.

Life is better when you have something to look forward to.

Needless to say, there is an opportunity to work with her to develop her signature statement and brand herself for greater opportunities.

What are you struggling with right now? Is there anything I can do to help?

Send me a message let’s set up a time to chat.

You got this!

With love and liberation
Joyce, Lifestyle Coach 2 Millennials

TSHS Founder Facts: Hi My Name is Joyce Poliard



Hi my name is Joyce Poliard. I am the founder of the Simply Happy Society. TSHSociety was created after several personal setbacks I experienced in life.

A few years ago, I lost three properties to foreclosure. Then I lost a few long-time friendships. I sat back and thought, “What the heck is going on?”

What’s Next

I went through an emotionally tasking divorce. After losing all that I thought was the source of my happiness, I became truly connected to God. I realized that happiness should not be tied to the future. It was not by my own strength, but by my creator’s that would help me push through. Neither shall my happiness be linked to a person, place or thing.

Happiness Comes From Within

What do you do with that happiness? First you spread it like confetti. Then you go after all the things you thought you could not achieve. You set goals, you learn new things, and live your best life now.

This all started with a book I was called to write, “The Guide to a Liberated Lifestyle.” From author, to speaker, to lifestyle coach. I realized I could not do great things alone. TSHSociety is here to serve you.

Chat with you soon. 🙂

Joyce Your Lifestyle Coach 2 Millennials

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