TSHS Founder Facts: Hi My Name is Joyce Poliard



Hi my name is Joyce Poliard. I am the founder of the Simply Happy Society. TSHSociety was created after several personal setbacks I experienced in life.

A few years ago, I lost three properties to foreclosure. Then I lost a few long-time friendships. I sat back and thought, “What the heck is going on?”

What’s Next

I went through an emotionally tasking divorce. After losing all that I thought was the source of my happiness, I became truly connected to God. I realized that happiness should not be tied to the future. It was not by my own strength, but by my creator’s that would help me push through. Neither shall my happiness be linked to a person, place or thing.

Happiness Comes From Within

What do you do with that happiness? First you spread it like confetti. Then you go after all the things you thought you could not achieve. You set goals, you learn new things, and live your best life now.

This all started with a book I was called to write, “The Guide to a Liberated Lifestyle.” From author, to speaker, to lifestyle coach. I realized I could not do great things alone. TSHSociety is here to serve you.

Chat with you soon. 🙂

Joyce Your Lifestyle Coach 2 Millennials

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Hello Motivated Millennial, Tap into Power – Purpose – Prosperity

for the motivated millennial tap into your power find your purpose gain prosperity south florida events life coaching successWelcome to

The Simply Happy Society, a lifestyle brand for the Motivated Millennial.

Did you know that millennials are the highest generation to be overeducated and underemployed?

On the other hand, we at The Simply Happy Society know that no one is coming to save our generation. We need to show up different.

Millennial Facts

  1. Most of all we love our cellphones.
  2. Additionally we love social media.
  3. As a matter of fact we love education.

Our Issues

  1. Let’s get off our IPhone sometimes and spend time with self and other motivated millennials.
  2. Unless Facebook and Snapchat is cutting us a check we need to create our own streams of income.
  3. Indeed, education does not equal knowledge. On the other hand, applied knowledge equals success.
  4. What to Expect from TSHS

Overall, we at TSH Society are here to help you. As a matter of fact, we can do this thing called life together. However, the cycle will continue. In brief, prosperity is the end goal. What do you do when you get that level of personal success? Of course, help someone else.

What We Offer for the Motivated Millennial

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Workshops
  • Meetups
  • Inspirational Content
  • Lifestyle Products
  • Books
  • Book Coaching

What’s Next

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Love and Liberation always.

~ Joyce, Lifestyle Coach 2 Millennials