How to Stop Domestic Violence

How to Stop Domestic Violence: It Doesn’t Have to Keep You Down. Meet Majidah Smith

Here at TSH Society, we are on a mission to share stories of millennials who have turn pain into a superpower. It’s time to push past the pain and walk in your purpose. Check out our interview with Majidah Smith. Remember- domestic violence doesn’t have to keep you down.

In this interview we discussed:

  • The different forms of abuse
  • Deciding when enough is enough.
  • Majidah surviving domestic violence- during a five year marriage. 
  • Motivation to Keep Going.
  • Advice for someone in a domestic violence situation

Stop Domestic Violence! Interview Key Takeaways

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  • Change your mindset, change your life. 
  • Get the help you need counseling, therapy, etc.
  • Healing is a choice. It starts with making a decision. 
  • Don’t make excuses for abuse.
  • Can’t take advice from everyone.
  • Make a decision and stick with it. Don’t cause confusion.
  • Set a deadline.
  • Your peace is a priority. 
  • Nobody has it all together.
  • What you allow will continue. 

The very thing you don’t want to let go, may be the very thing blocking your blessings.  

– Majidah Smith

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Millennial Making Moves 101: Jay Walker of

Hey tribe.

We are excited to welcome you to the first of many Millennial Making Moves post. We believe that we overcome by the power of our testimony. At TSHS our goal is to provide accountability, clarity and community.

Meet Jay

On this post we sat down (via zoom) with the amazing speaker, coach and trainer Jay Walker of Check out the interview below and catch these gems that were dropped. It surely blessed our founder. Make sure to join her Facebook Group if you want to crush some goals and win at life.

Useful Gems From Interview

  • Learn and believe in yourself. 
  • Just because you have a career that is not your calling. 
  • Set up systems and routines so progress is automatic. 
  • Remove the feeling behind wanting to do certain things. 
  • Take the pressure off yourself- start with good and get better.
  • Education is great. Knowledge is power. Do not be afraid to try different things. 
  • Start where you are. Get going to get good. 
  • Keep the momentum. 
  • If you are not at peace in your spirit… nothing you do will prosper.
  • You will not always be motivated, that’s why you must be disciplined. 
  • Be a giver and get more out of life. 
  • Collaboration over competition.

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Jaunai (Jay) is a Personal Growth and Business Development Speaker, Coach & Trainer. Jay is the creator of Perfect Your Pitch: Irresistible Sales Conversations that Convert which is a bi-product of her multiple national award-winning sales career. Jay comes with over 17 years of sales experience in the education, medical and advertising industries. Jay is also the Chief Inspiration officer at the Success group Inc., and hopes to inspire both entrepreneurs & career professionals to be the absolute best version of themselves. Jay is a devoted Christian, loves connecting with others & currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida.

Are Your Practicing Self- Love and Self-Care?

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In honor of Valentine’s Day 2021 we wanted to share some insight into taking care of yourself. In recent years social media has coined the phrases Self-Care Saturday and Self-Love Sunday. I find it pretty ironic that we need a hashtag as a reminder to take care of ourselves. Welcome to the millennial life. 

Is There a Difference?

A few months ago, I put up a post on Facebook about self-love versus self-care. While majority of people stated self-love was more important, some believed they were one in the same. 

After an interesting Instagram live with Mrs. Trina B of @amourslingeriewear I have come to the conclusion that they are different yet equally important. Watch the live here.

The Breakdown Self-Love and Self-Care

First off let’s break down the terms. Self-care is usually what we do to pamper ourselves. Whether it’s a manicure, pedicure, or a facial self care is usually seen in the outside. On the other hand self-love is giving yourself the necessary attention to get to know yourself. Moreover, we need self-love to become aligned, awakened and aware.

When was the last time you meditated? In addition, how is your prayer life? What is your journaling routine? All these things matter. It starts with self-reflection; doing the inner work to heal and grow. 

Do the Work

Self-love is doing the inner work to learn, heal and grow. While others can’t see the work they will definitely feel it in your presence. You will control your peace in the presence of others. I do believe things like meditation, seeking therapy, and more can fall under both categories. The most important thing is to take care and love on yourself. Self love is not selfish it’s necessary. 


What are you going to do for self-care or self love this week? 

Thank you for reading until the end friend. 

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Ms. Joy is a believer, toddler mom, RN, author, speaker and life coach. She is passionate about helping millennials make peace with their past so they can prosper.