Turning Tragedy Into Triumph: Beyond #BlackOutTuesday

There are some who cave in during crisis situations. There are also some who turn tragedy into triumph. Spend anytime on social media and you will see a variety of post.

I have seen post people of all nationalities protesting. Some people have chosen to post pictures depicting the years of injustice and inequality. Blackout Tuesday was powerful. I didn’t understand it atnfirst

theThis is true on so many levels. 🙌🏾 if you agree.

🔹Years ago I started the Liberated Lifestyle movement when I was going through one of the toughest times of my life. 

🔹I was newly divorced. Tired of hearing the negative opinions people had about leaving unhealthy relationships

🔹I stayed is a lifeless situation way too long. I thought about what my friends, church members, and family would say if I left. 

🔹I held on until the only choice was to let go. I was walking around numb and dumb. 

💙That’s why I go hard when it comes to personal freedom.  You really have to define success and happiness on your own terms. 

🔹It’s focusing on finding power > tapping into purpose> achieving prosperity. None of this can be done without liberation. 

🔹It’s normal  to feel afraid, anxious, and upset during times of uncertainty. 

🔹Surround yourself with people who make you feel seen, heard, and supported. 

🔹We don’t have to agree on everything, but support goes a long way. 

🔹After watching @shemotivatess Facebook live video I feel empowered to take support to another level. 

🔹Every week I will be supporting a different black owned business.

🙌🏾I will not just like post, but support causes by taking action. I will reach out to those who post messages that make me wonder- if they are okay.

🔹How will you show up after #blackoutTuesday ? If you have a business post it below. 

💙If you have something on your mind or heart that is weighing you down. Send me a dm. 

We all can be the reason someone feels seen, heard, and supported. 🙌🏾 You are not alone.