What is Liberation?

Here’s to the ones who search for freedom.

Knowing that holding on hurts. Letting go is hard to do. But we are the same ones that do work. Knowing that personal freedom is the key to life. 

The ones who know that weather, the world, and the people can’t be controlled but reaction and response can. Staying in control is a form of freedom. Find the inner power to protect your peace. 

It’s crazy when you try to hold everything together, that’s when everything falls apart. When I was younger I was cocky. I would say a thing and it would manifest. I grew to believe that is was by my own strength that these events were occurring. 

God knows how to get our attention. Two things I have learned in life. 1. Happiness should be tied to the present moment. Happy feelings should not be postponed to any future person, place, or thing. 2. The key to living life is the art of letting go. We can’t control the weather or anything else in the world. Personal freedom is powerful.

What is liberation?

Liberation is personal freedom. It’s taking the time. Doing the inner work. It’s letting go of anything and everything that is not in your control. It’s making this journey through life a personal thing. It’s having an opinion. It’s being confident in defining what success looks like for yourself. 

How do you become liberated?

Through prayer, meditation, affirmations, reading, and living. Through assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. By focusing on solutions, not problems. By asking the right questions instead of complaining. 

What is the liberated lifestyle?

It is consciously doing inner work for personal freedom. Where your energy goes, attention flows. Freedom is a way of life. 

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