Why Personal Success is Important

personal success is important

Have you ever met someone with a great job who was always broke? Maybe you know someone who is always bragging about the latest trends. Over the years I have spent the most money when I was the most depressed. Sadly, I know countless others who have done the same. Perhaps it was the endless trips, or the new car leases, or maybe it was moving to a new apartment each year. Read ahead to see why your personal success is important.

What Happens When We Don’t Feel Good

Oftentimes when we don’t feel good on the inside we make poor decisions with our money, our value and our time. That is why I believe personal success is so important. You need a solid foundation. Your personal life is the ground work to everything else you do. Before you can work on friendships, relationships, or professional life- get your personal life together.  A few years back I was hosting events, building my brand all while my personal life was breaking down. I knew things had to change quickly.

Personal Success in Vital

I started journaling, became more self-aware and started using affirmations and mantras consistently. My life changed for the better. So can yours. 🙂 In order to progress, you must address and do the work in your life.

Personal Success Starts with These Two Steps

It starts with two steps: awareness and goal-setting. Check out the blog post on Mental Health for more tips.

Here’s a quick activity. Take a sheet of paper and write down how you feel- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Need some insight? Listen to the Handle Your Mess Masterclass. 

What’s Next…

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